Easter 2007

Here we are in a beautiful weekend in April with just one boy again, Samule and Isaac having just returned to York and Manchester respectively. Josiah has just been at Junior Yearly Meeting and has his bedroom floor covered in mixed dirty and clean clothes, schoolwork, gap year info, and Saffron cafe materials, and instead of writing up his Biology or Chemistry projects, he is lying in bed in a towel reading Private Eye.

Samule is in Newcastle learning to be a coordinator for his summer project in South Africa. Isaac is eating soup for breakfast with a friend in Manchester at 2pm, having been out a bit late at some clubs last night. While out he met Lucy, who Samuel met at JYM 2 years ago, and since. She is now taking a gap year being arty at home, and we have sent Isaac to Manchester to amuse her. Josiah didn’t make a Special Friend at JYM apparently, though Roisin, who he travelled with, fell for a hop-farmer from Kent (I made up the hop farmer bit). However he May Not Know. Apparently he’s the spit of some other character she’s fancied but it’s a secret.

Roisin is in Josiah’s year and is Maeve’s sister. Maeve and Samuel were also contemporaries, for quite a long while they walked to school together, both did Project Trust gap years at opposite sides of the world, and see each other regularly even to the degree of ‘drinking tea’ till 5.30am following one of Maeve’s late shifts at the Elephant just before S returned.

Why don’t you go out with Roisin Josiah? Pah, that would be like … well, it’s Roisin, isn’t it? Brother and sister? More weird?


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