Christmas messages

Pentlands, December 2009

Saturday morning, slightly closer to Christmas than ideal for this kind of venture.  All has gone white.  Stuffed nose.  Sore throat.  Helen has risen late and as is her wont, at 11.30am has begun to look around the house for the first time this week and has suddenly discovered everything is untidy.  It’s quite clear no one else ever does anything in this house.  By 3.30 we will have been nearly adequately chided and will have constructed a to-do list and a 42 item shopping list.  By 4.30 we will leave the house, and at 6.40 we will be escorted out of John Lewis by security guards having made two purchases, one from the list and the other costing £353.  On the way home we will pick up a Swedish DVD with subtitles and afterwards will fall asleep on the sofa.  On Sunday we will need a change or a rest.

Unmissable from 2009
MoviesLet The Right One In.  Beautiful, moving, bewitching, sometimes humorous Swedish vampire movie. Even if you don’t do horror.
TVWallander.  Understated BBC4 Swedish detective series.  Watch the Swedish version.
YouTubeCommunityChannel –  clever.  How does she find the time? Or imagination?
MusicShooglenifty.  Still.  Come hear them in 2010.  And Tondal’s Vision (here is the artistic vision).
FoodMhor Fish, Callander. is upgraded


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