Josiah’s Day

Josiah S. Shadow.  A long time ago.

I wake up at 7.00 o’clock.  At 7.15 Daddy comes in to tell me it’s time to get up.  At 7.25 Daddy comes in to tell me it’s time to get up.  At 25 to 8.00 he comes in and yells and says that I wanted to be woken early to get up to finish my homework so why am I lying in bed still and have I used my inhalers and had a shower and where’s my homework and what else did I have to do.  At a quarter to eight he comes in and screams at me but by then I’m very slowly getting dressed under the bedclothes, putting food-stained shirt and trousers on over two day old socks that I’ve also worn all night.  I later describe this as having a thorough wash.

Before sitting down to breakfast I go out of the room twice in a stompy manner because I don’t like the way my brothers are looking at me.  I eat three bowls of rice crispies with about 3 sugar puffs on the top of each.  Then I watch Mummy rubbing out all the home work I did last night while Daddy was looking after me, because it isn’t tidy enough.  So now I have to do orl of it again and I might as well not have bothered doing it last night.

Next I spend ten minutes sliding about in the utility room in my socks, so cleaning up the stick insect poo that is on the floor.  Daddy and Mummy remind me four times that I’m meant to be doing my teeth, and I have a fight with Isaac about whether the door should be half way or three quarters of the way closed.  Then there’s just time for 10 minutes of homework (that’s five words) before it’s time to go to school with a note for Mrs. Jones saying please can I have longer to do it.  Mummy screams it’s time to go now and it’s my fault if we’re late, so I put on my shoes, pull my socks right down to my ankles, ruffle up my hair to make it look as if it isn’t combed, and wait outside for about 5 minutes while Mummy runs up and down the stairs shouting.

PS  Isaac and Samuel are worse than this.


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